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Diversiplay branding and print campaign

branding | print

Diversiplay is an experimental interactive application artwork which connects typography with sound, and demonstrates the interaction between them.

It’s a collaboration with Enikő Déri.

In the form of an alphabet we are presented with an audible experience. The typefaces are only connected by their foundation in sound, resulting in a very diverse appearance. The designer’s intention for Diversiplay was to create an experience unlike the usual audio visualization, with a completely personal approach. The appearance of every single typeface displays the subjective impressions made by the different sounds and noises. So the typefaces are the designer’s reaction, visual items assigned to sounds.

An important aspect of the application, besides realizing sounds and noises visually, is that the items are presented in an interactive way, supported by the audible background. So Diversiplay can be exciting for those with an interest in the interaction of experimental typography, typefaces and sounds.

An idendtity and print campaign was also created for the application’s exhibition concept.